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Education is the key to success - in many schools in Kenya, this is already being taught among young children. And this is exactly what we want to support in different ways. We offer financial support for local schools and provide our orphans with backpacks, paper, pens, school books, school uniforms and other school materials. In order to support the children on their way into working life after school, we provide appropriate equipment, such as work clothes, for an apprenticeship. In addition, the education of the children in relation to music is very important to us, here we have cooperations with local institutions and pay, for example, the music lessons for the children. In this way, the themes of nature, cultivation and agriculture are also explained to the orphans from other projects, such as, for example, a planned project called “Paradise Garden”; to create an orchard for the orphans with chickens. The background is the holistic idea that - children should be prepared and trained in all areas in the best possible way.